Zoom API Integration with Java

We are a Learner eXperience Platform operating on a business-to-business level. Our clients are L&D departments organizing trainings for their employees. Each client is a different account and each account includes different roles such as event organizers, training managers and learners. We would like to integrate zoom as a video conference tool. Each of our client/domain have their own zoom account JWT credentials.
Is there a java SDK (published on Maven central preferably) we can add as a dependency to our services so we do not need to create manually the API requests? From my understanding the Zoom SDK is something different which “[…] may often not include features that are released in the latest versions of the Zoom Client app.” We’d simply like an SDK that allows as to set up client credentials and call the available APIs as methods from the Java code.

Hey @manos,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. While we don’t have an SDK just for Java, we do have an Android SDK. Likewise, you can use our Open API Specification to generate some of the endpoints in Java. Please see the following forum post:


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