Get API KEY and API Secret through zoom api


Is there any way to fetch the API Key and API Secret through zoom API call? I am unable to find any API call to fetch these properties. Can anybody help me on this please?



All of the API calls require a Key and Secret, so there wouldn’t be a way to obtain it without it.

You can obtain your API Key and Secret from your Developer account page


Zoom API Version 2

Zoom API Playground

Playground Token authorize

/users List Users  

{ "page\_count": 1, "page\_number": 1, "page\_size": 30, "total\_records": 1, "users": [{ "id": "Da7gLe90QpavvZCANlLD\_A", "first\_name": "XXXXXX", "last\_name": "XXXXXX", "email": "XXXXXX", "type": 1, "pmi": XXXXXX, "timezone": "XXXXXX", "verified": 1, "dept": "", "created\_at": "XXXXXX", "last\_login\_time": "XXXXXX", "last\_client\_version": "XXXXXX" }] }
after /users/{userld}/meetings Create a meeting

[userId] value tell me,please
[body] value tell me please

thank you!