Zoom api prerequisites, do they apply for end user accounts

I am thinking about using Dashboard> Get meeting details endpoint and it has a prerequisite of business tier or higher. Does this apply only to the app account? or does it mean that any user of the app also need a higher plan for this endpoint to work?

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Are you trying to build an app?
If thats the case, the account that authorizes the app will need a Business or higher plan


yes, I am looking at building an oauth app which will be published on the marketplace.

The app will use meeting-ended webhook and when the event is received, the app will send a get request for dashboard>meeting details.

Just to confirm, if zoom account A authorizes the app and zoom account A is on a price plan lower than business then the app cant receive this data?

Hey @software3 sorry for the late reply
You are correct, if the Zoom account has a lower plan (Free basic account), when installing your app, it wont be able to access the data