Zoom app deeplink not refreshing the app in mobile zoom client

I have created a Zoom marketplace app. I redirect the user to the browser to log in to my application (Oauth flow). Once the Oauth is successful I am redirecting the users back to the Zoom app using the deeplink. The deeplink then opens and refreshes the app. This flow is working fine on Zoom desktop client but on the Zoom mobile client the deeplink is not refreshing the app. I went through the docs but didn’t find anything.

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Hi @rohan.rao
Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to our community, have you been able to troubleshoot this issue?

Hi @elisa.zoom, thanks for replying. No i wasn’t able to figure this out. Does opening the deeplink NOT refresh the app on mobile? On desktop it does.

Interesting @rohan.rao
Allow me to ask internally is this is expected behavior or could be a bug.

Any update on this? I’m facing the same issue where it is just showing a blank page when the development app is being opened on a mobile client.
Also, no request is observed to my backend server.