Zoom app install redirect outdated

Hello, we developed a zoom app that got published.
We found out that the redirect webpage that we were using was not loading fast enough before it closed when installing directly from the zoom app.
We created a new website for the redirect and updated the app. The changes got published and when installing from the zoom marketplace website, it redirects to the new website, but when installing from the zoom app it is still redirecting to the old website.
Is there anything we can do from our side to update the redirect from the zoom app.

Hello @lhhs Zoom Apps have multiple redirect url options and there are separate ones for the in-client redirect vs the other please make sure your updating all of them and submitting an UPDATE request, since your app is published you need to submit an UPDATE request for us to approve any changes that need to be made

Regards, Kwaku

information on UPDATE Request: Updating an App

We have already updated our the zoom app, and the changes got published.
That is why the marketplace website redirects to the new site but the zoom desktop client redirects to the old website. Have tried with different computers in different networks and the marketplace website redirects correctly while the zoom client redirects to the old one.

@kwaku.nyante is there any update regarding this. The name of the zoom app is TARIY.ai


I’m not understanding, how are you authorizing and seeing it redirect to the “old site” ? Can you share a Loom or something so I can see what you mean I tried both and I didn’t see any issue. Have you tried with different accounts? location and network shoulnt have an effect on something like this

Regards, Kwaku

@lhhs please see the post above

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