Clarification about process for adding Redirect URLs

I need to add some OAuth Redirect URLs to my existing Zoom Marketplace application. Looking at the docs here, it looks like we’ll need to request an update to our application. I have 2 questions about this update process:

  1. Is there any risk of downtime for our Zoom application while the update request is being processed? In particular, if our request is not approved immediately and needs modifications, will our existing Zoom app be non-functional until our request is approved?

  2. The docs linked above indicate all our users will be emailed about re-authorizing the app. Is this still the case if all we’re changing is the Redirect URLs (no scopes or other settings being changed)?

Would appreciate any details on this process!

Hi @omid,

Good questions, happy to clarify.

  1. No, there will be no down time. Your existing users will be able to continue using the current version of the app until the update is published, at which point they can authorize the latest update.

  2. Yes, users will be notified there’s a new version of the app and they can authorize the latest version to see these updates reflected.


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