Zoom App "LTI Pro" - cloud recordings are missing


Viewing the cloud recordings in LTI Pro does not work. The cloud recordings do not show up; the list remains empty. But I can see the recordings here: Sign In | Zoom

# Steps to reproduce
## Prerequisites

  1. Configure LTI Pro for Moodle
  2. Log into Moodle as user “x”
  3. Open course “y” where the user has the role of “instructor”
  4. Open the Zoom activity and plan a meeting
  5. Start the meeting from the Zoom activity in LTI Pro as a host
  6. Use cloud recording during the meeting
  7. End the meeting and wait till the cloud recording becomes available

## Steps

  1. Log into Moodle as user “x”
  2. Open course “y” where the user has the role “instructor”
  3. Open the Zoom activity
  4. Open the “Cloud Recordings” tab in the Zoom activity

# Expected results

  1. The list of previously cloud-recorded meetings.

Actual result

  1. The list of previously cloud-recorded meetings remains empty.

Greetings, Daniel

Hi @ziegenberg
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum.
For issues related with the LTI Pro configuration/usage, feel free to refer the Community and Support team here:

Hi @elisa.zoom,

thx for the reply. Zoom support send me this way and said, my problem will be solved in the developers forum (see this issue for reference: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/requests/18203746).

We have (well, had…) a working LTI Pro configuration within our Moodle instance since early 2020 and it worked (mostly) flawless ever since.

I followed all the current support documentation to make sure our setup follows the current best practices. That did not help.

As a paying customer I’m not overly fond of being send around in circles while looking for help. What exactly should I do?

Greetings, Daniel

I totally understand you @ziegenberg
I will go ahead and take a look into that ticket and will try to support you as much as I can.
I am not familiar with the integration but I will reach out to internal stakeholders to provide you some guidance.

Hi @ziegenberg
I just wanted to update you on this matter.
I have escalated this internally and our support team will be communicating with you via the initial ticket you previously shared with me.

Hi @elisa.zoom,

Thank your very much, that was very helpful! I really appreciate your help.


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