Zoom App + OAuth app, two different apps that work together


We currently have a Zoom App called “Humantelligence” available in the marketplace. This app allows users to set their Humantelligence profile as a virtual foreground. Now, with the upcoming release of Version 2 of the app, we have a new requirement. This version needs access to other meeting participants’ email addresses to retrieve their Humantelligence profiles. To achieve this, we have created an OAuth app specifically designed to obtain permission from administrators. This OAuth app utilizes the dashboard_meetings:read:admin scope and the List Meeting Participants endpoint.

It’s important to note that the Zoom App depends on the OAuth app to function properly. The OAuth app, on its own, doesn’t have standalone functionality; rather, it serves as a prerequisite for the Zoom App.

Considering this interdependency, we are contemplating whether it is necessary to submit both apps to the marketplace. The reason for our concern is that having two apps with the same name that must work together might be confusing for users.

For technical details you can see this post:


Hello @cortexht

Thanks for your request. So we don’t have much of a problem with adding a new scope to add this functionality. The problem we are facing here is that you need access to scopes that your original app does not have the ability to add because of the different App types. Please give us till the 10th to discuss this internally and make a decision. The reason for this is as you mentioned your companion app has no stand-alone functionality and both Apps are required to achieve this goal.

Regards, Kwaku

Hi @kwaku.nyante , any updates?

Hello @cortexht we prefer you migrate to the account-level app because the scopes being requested are pretty heavy.

Regards, Kwaku

@kwaku.nyante Can you explain what you mean by that? I’m checking and an Embedded App is user-managed only. The OAuth app is an account-level app, but my understanding is that it doesn’t have the in-client experience as the Embedded.

Hello @cortexht sorry I mixed this up with another request that is similar. Can you send an email to integration.testers@zoom.us so we can discuss this further we do not want to have this discussion on a Public forum.

Regards, Kwaku

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