"Meeting Password Is Wrong" - WebRTC js/index.js

Using the sample JavaScript Provided at https://github.com/zoom/sample-app-web/blob/master/js/index.js

We are getting a “Meeting Password is wrong” from Zoom. We have tested several different scenarios. 

In Epic a Zoom Video Visit was scheduled. The provider opened and started the  Zoom Meeting.  The patient logged in through the browser (Chrome) and started there side of the Zoom meeting and got the ’ Meeting Password is wrong"  we looked at the response going to Zoom and the following was created: 

we could take the meeting URL and pasted it in a browser and launched the Zoom meeting successfully. 

We then could open the Zoom local client, click join meeting and insert the Meeting ID and Meeting passCode and launch the Zoom meeting.

The next test we performed was removing the possibility that the web app code was not formatting the  passcode correctly while creating the response to zoom we hard coded the meeting passcode into the response like the following. 

This still gave us the error " meeting password is wrong". 

can someone please help us out? 






Hi Daniel, 

Were you able to put the password in the ZoomMtg.join method? Where there any errors there?


Hi Mike, We able to put the password but the issue were facing was with the invitation URL (https://sentaratest.zoom.us/j/253794667?pwd=NFdaYitpNFQyWDdiMXNwSWt2U25NQT09&status=success) The password given  in the invite URL is not the one which zoom expecting. On the Zoom Mobile SDK it shows some other password and the Zoom API is doing some thing under the hood to decrypt the password. 


Moreover, the documentation needs to be updated on the Zoom. It is “passWord” and not “password” and also not “passwd” as shown on the GitHib sample code for the WebRTC.

Hey Michael, the  Sample Web App…located at https://github.com/zoom/sample-app-web/blob/master/js/index.js does not have a  password key in method definition. 

if we assume we are using the Sample Web App posted to the above URL.  When we try and join the meeting ZoomMtg.join is called. if the Password Key is not set to meetconfig.Password but the is meeting setup for a password would  the error “Meeting password is wrong” appear? 



Thanks Daniel 


Hi Tamim, 

Is this the password that you set within the meeting? Also, was this the invitation url that you got from the web or within the Zoom portal?

Also, thanks we are updating our aggressively updating our documents for a better developer experience. 



Hi Daniel, 

It’s not the config, if you don’t have passWord in the ZoomMtg.join method the error will show. We’ll need to update our docsactually asap to avoid confusion.

The correct property that you want to use inside the ZoomMtg.join is passWord : from there you can input your value and the password should work for your meeting. 

Let me know if that works!


Hi Mike, We are using passWord but still we are getting the error “Meeting password is wrong”. Moreover, the password we got from the invitation Zoom URL is different than the one we see on the iOS SDK app for the same meeting ID

Good Morning Michael

I have confirmed that the passWord Value is being set in ZoomMtg.Join Method.

Below is a screen shot: 

Hi Daniel & Tamim, 

Send us a quick email to developersupport@zoom.us with your account ID and meeting password so that we can take a closer look. 


Email has been sent…Would it be possible to get on a meeting and we can all talk through this? Thanks Daniel

Hi Daniel, 

I’m not sure if its by design or a bug that the initial password within the invitation doesn’t work. I’ll reach out to the Engineering team about this and follow up.

However, a quick workaround will be to call the GET v2/meetings/{meetingID} API, it will return a password value and you can and use the password value for the join url https://success.zoom.us/j/402213991?pwd={password}" to join via Web. 



Can you open debug and find a request like a screenshot, see the get parameters,
the password must be origin password, https://sentaratest.zoom.us/j/253794667?pwd=NFdaYitpNFQyWDdiMXNwSWt2U25NQT09&status=success the pwd=NFdaYitpNFQyWDdiMXNwSWt2U25NQT09 

can’t join meeting use JSSDK

This may be the wrong forum for this, but I experienced a similar issue in a large meeting yesterday. Recurring monthly Zoom meetings were set up with an auto-generated password. Before generating and sending a calendar appointment in Outlook, the password on all meetings was modified to a custom password that would be easier for this group of stakeholders to remember. When generating the Outlook password or copying the meeting invitation to the clipboard, Zoom continues to generate the old (original) password. But folks could not get into the meeting unless they had the new custom password, which nobody had because we had used the Zoom-generated calendar appointment details. Today we were able to change the password BACK to the original details as a workaround, but this is an issue that needs to be fixed.

Hi @AmyL,

Thanks for reaching out about this. I suggest sharing these details with our Technical Support team here, as they’ll be best suited to look into this further for you.