Zoom Apps Release Notes

I have been reviewing historical analytics data for our apps and I am wondering if there are comprehensive release notes for that list all changes in the Zoom Clients related to Zoom Apps. This will help to pinpoint possible Zoom Apps specific changes that could have affected app metrics.

I do see this page, https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/beta-docs/zoom-apps/changelog, but it feels overall limited in that it doesn’t mention every change that has occurred in the Zoom client related to apps.

Hi @rossm @arun.j , can you help offer context here please or direct to the appropriate changelog owner/SME?


@arun.j @rossm Is there anyone else who may be able to help with an answer for this?

@jaaydenh We do have a changelog for the client itself which you can find here. Let me know if that has the info you’re looking for.