Zoom call: host only listening option

I have been helping my niece to attend her classes (Kindergarten). The problem is that my niece has to listen to every scream/loud voice around other attendees. She finds it hard to listen to her teachers. Her teachers do not want anyone to get muted because those children might not get help from someone in their house to unmute themselves. So, my niece eventually gets distracted and cannot pay attention to the entire class. Ultimately, she misses many things and gets involved in different thoughts.

Now, without disturbing the class’s usual flow, is there any option to only “listen to host” from the call attendees perspective? Is this feature available? I am a programmer myself. If that can be configured, and if possible, I will be happy to help. All I need is to stop my niece’s attention loss and make her classes from home much more fun.

Thank you so much for your attention and participation.