Zoom Contact Center API events with websockets

Is subscribing to Contact Center API events supposed to be available via a websocket connection (in the server to server app)?
So far in my account i can subscribe meeting, user, phone and bunch of other event types in the server to server app with websocket connection, but not Conatct Center events.


Hi @ania.dekalov
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum and welcome to our community!
Could you confirm if you have a Zoom Contact Center license in your account?

Hi Elisa, thanks for the response.
This specific account indeed does not have a CC license yet.
However, the reason I was still asking this is because although in the Server-to-Server app I cannot see the CC events for registration, in another app type (OAuth app) I CAN see them. Perhaps i would not be getting the events due to lack of CC license but they are visible for registration in OAuth app in this account and in the same time not visible for registration in the server-to-server app in that same account.

Interesting, @ania.dekalov
let me take a look into this because I tried looking for CC events in a Server to Server app and could not find them

Thank you for looking into this. Were you able to find anything out regarding this issue?

Hi Elisa, were you able to find out anything regarding this matter? Do you perhaps know if CC events can be available at all with websockets?

Hi @ania.dekalov
I am still waiting to learn more about this issue.
Could you please confirm with the account that has the Contact Center license, if they can see those events in their Server to Server Oauth app?


Hi Elisa, I have been given now an account that has Contact Center license and it looks same there, Contact Center events are NOT seen in the server to server app.

Hi @ania.dekalov

Thanks for letting us know. We are working with our engineering to add contact center events in server to server oauth apps.

Hi @ojus.zoom
Thanks for this information, do you have an idea when it is expected to be available? weeks? months? longer?

@ania.dekalov ,

Apologies for the confusion here. The contact center events are indeed available in the server-to-server OAuth app type. The reason why you are not seeing them is because you do not have the permissions assigned in your zoom.us account. Please have an admin assign you that role on this page: Sign In - Zoom


Hello! Whether or not subscribing to Contact Center API events is available via a websocket connection can depend on the API provider and the specific API being used. In general, it is possible for Contact Center API events to be available via a websocket connection, as websockets are often used for real-time communication between servers and clients.

If you are unable to subscribe to Contact Center API events using a websocket connection, it is possible that the API provider has not enabled this functionality or that there is an issue with your account configuration. I would recommend checking the API documentation and reaching out to the API provider’s support team for further assistance with subscribing to Contact Center API events.

It’s also worth noting that some APIs may offer alternative methods for subscribing to events, such as long polling or server-sent events. If web socket connections are not available for Contact Center API events, you may want to check if any other event subscription methods are available.