Zoom CRC infastructure update

Looking for information about the changes to the CRC, I had received the snippet of text mentioned below.
I am trying to understand what changes (if any) this would have for developers. We do parsing on meeting join urls, and are wondering if this will have any effect? I have tried searching around the knowledge center, but have not been able to come to any conclusions.

"On March 14th, 2020 , we will be enhancing our CRC infrastructure to allow customers to leverage our expanding list of global data centers.This new feature enables calls to route to the nearest Zoom CRC Gateway. Routing to the nearest regional Data Center or Gateway will help improve the quality and reliability of your calls, and ensures your meeting participants always connect to the nearest data center regardless of their geography.

If you have CRC licenses ( zoomcrc.com ), we encourage you to test this functionality. To test, use this dial string meetingID@global.zoomcrc.com , especially with your International locations , to ensure your Firewall rules will still apply. For more information on Network Firewall Settings for CRC, please take a look at our Knowledge Center…

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Hey @brandon1, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

Can you send this question to support.zoom.us? They are the ones familiar with the CRC and will be able to help, as this forum is for the Zoom API’s and App Marketplace.