Zoom crshes/stops working after few mins in the call after the update to iOS 14 on iphone XR

Same problem. Happens on every meeting but the time on the meeting is not consistent. Notification is that it quit unexpectedly or cannot connect to server. When screen sharing, video will hang almost instantly and then the disconnect happens.


As mentioned I use version 5.2.3 (45122.0906) of zoom in iPhone XR with iOS 14.0 the call drops off after few seconds automatically. This happens only after I updated to iOS 14.0


Same here. Just installed iOS 14 on my Ipad pro and now it crashes after few minutes. First the shared screen (Ipad screen sharing on my Imac and students’ computers) freezes up and then it leaves the room. Up until yesterday it worked perfectly with iOS 13. something. Very annoying because the Ipad Pro is a perfect machine for drawing, Excel, statistics and notebooks… Hope there’s a fix to this.

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Same happening here, using zoom app on an iPad Pro, and the issue started after upgrading to ios 14. App version 5.2.3 (45122.0906). I can join a zoom session and participate, but within a minute or two of starting to share my ipad screen, the share freezes, and a minute later the iPad gets dropped from the zoom call.

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It’s happening the exact same way for me! Does anyone know what we can do this have this problem fixed? I really need this to work so I can teach everyday.:cry:

I am having the same issue. Ipad pro 11 with the newest zoom client downloaded. I can get a few minutes and get dropped–trying to share my screen to teach and no luck :frowning: Zoom 5.2.3, iOS 14.0. I REALLY need this to teach with the pencil so need a fix!

Same problem here, except I’ll stay in the meeting but I am unable to access permission for microphone and camera settings… Happened immediately after I updated to ios 14, very troubling. Hope this gets fixed!

I’m having the same issue. Yesterday I was able to join my iPad to a Zoom call and use it to share my screen for my students, but today I’m having issues with being kicked out of the call after about a minute. It also for some reason is requiring my permission to join on a second device, even though I’m joining from the same account. The only thing that is different from yesterday to today is updating my iOS to 14. Zoom is up to date.

Hello everyone,

Sorry about this! We are investigating currently, I will update here as soon as possible!

Thank you all!

I too am having the same problem as of today on my iPad. Zoom connection times out after 2-3 minutes. This is NOT a network issue. Zoom 5.2.3 and only difference between yesterday and today is that I upgraded (foolishly) to iOS14 on my iPad

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I’m having the same problem as well. When I updated to ios14 I could no longer screen share through the Zoom app. Everything is up to date on my computer and ipad. When I attempt to broadcast via Zoom the app will crash the second I swipe up to choose the screen I want to share. I have noticed that when I join the audio from my ipad and leave the audio from my computer that I can screen share longer, but inevitably it will kick me out with the message that Zoom has stopped sharing and I will have to log back into the Zoom app and session.

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Hey @leeanna and @prossi,

I am sorry about the iOS 14 issues, we are still investigating. If possible, can you reproduce the crash or timeout on your iPad once more and provide an SDK log to developersupport@zoom.us. This would be very helpful for us to speed up resolution.

To obtain sdk logs follow the instructions at the bottom of this page: https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/sdk/native-sdks/iOS/mastering-zoom-sdk/sdk-initialization

Thank you!

I’m having same issue. Updated to IOS 14 and crashed out. I’m using for Yoga class so really frustrating :weary:. Hoping solution/fix very soon.

After updating my iPad Pro to iOS 14 I’m having similar problems. I can share my screen and everything is fine, until I try to leave the Zoom app. As soon as I try to switch to the iOS home screen or any other app, Zoom freezes. But, Zoom will resume if I switch back to it. I am able to share the whiteboard within Zoom without a problem. This is a big problem because I need to share other apps while teaching. Is there a solution to this in the works?

This is probably too technical for many of us to handle at this point.

Zoom is Crashing on my IPAD Pro when I log in and talk for a few minutes.

Can anyone from Zoom let us know if progress is being made on this issue?

Hello everyone,
I am experiencing the exact same issue as described above. I am urgently searching for a solution. Yesterday in my class, I was sharing my screen via the iPad Pro Zoom App, and after few minutes while teaching, it suddenly crashed and I got kicked out of the Zoom meeting. I had to reconnect to the zoom meeting but again it crashed until I gave up. Not sure what to do? Is this a problem with the iOS Zoom App or is this a problem with iOS? I updated my iPad Pro to the latest version of iOS recently. That seemed to have caused problems.

I am also experiencing this - when I share screen from my zoom it works, but when on my ipad via zoom it does not. Unfortunately my school wifi does not allow sharing screen via wifi, so this is the only option - any solution or work around would be very helpful.

Hello everyone!

Thank you all for your patience and contributions to resolving this issue. We have a new version of the iOS SDK, that should address the screen sharing issues on iOS 14. The new SDK can be found here: https://github.com/zoom/zoom-sdk-ios/releases/tag/v5.2.41735.0928.

The changes to broadcasting in this version will require some updates:

There are new libraries that will need to be linked to your extension.
In addition to ReplayKit and MobileRTCScreenShare, please add the following frameworks to your broadcast extension target:

  • CoreGraphics
  • CoreMedia
  • CoreVideo
  • VideoToolbox

These additional frameworks will be used to provide a better experience to users when broadcasting.

If you are using Swift in your broadcasting target:
Please add “-lc++” to your target’s build settings under “Other linker flags”

If you are using Objective-C in your broadcasting target:
Please change the RPBroadcastSampleHandler file extension from “.m” to “.mm”. (This file is likely called SampleHandler)
Screen Shot 2020-10-11 at 10.30.19 PM

You should not have to update anything else related to sharing.

If you run into errors mentioning “std::”, make sure you have followed the steps above for your relative language.

Please let us know here or at developersupport@zoom.us if you experience any issues when updating to the new framework versions.


Hello everyone,

The team has identified the crash within the latest version of the SDK v5.2.41735.0928. Effected users would observe a crash or hanging loading indicator upon entering a meeting. The crash will be resolved in the next version. In the meantime, you can resolve this crash by setting an AppGroupID in the SDKInitContext.


// If you have a valid appGroupID provide it here, otherwise you may set this to be a blank string. 
context.appGroupId = @"";


 // If you have a valid appGroupID provide it here, otherwise you may set this to be a blank string. 
 context.appGroupId = ""

The gettingStarted repo has been updated to reflect this change:

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know here or at developersupport@zoom.us.