Zoom Custom Web Client Integration


I’m currently developing a project for online conferencing and I would like to integrate Zoom Meetings into it. I 've searched and read the documentations and samples but couldn’t figure out if and how it is possible to achieve what I’m trying to do. The flow of the Web Application will be like this:

  1. User logs into the existing Web Application with his credentials (Not Zoom related).
  2. On a section of his dashboard will’ be a button that will say “Join Meeting” that will be activated/deactivated through Web Applications Admin panel (Not Zoom related).
  3. When “Join Meeting” is active and clicked, then an embedded Zoom Meeting will appear, and the user will be automatically participate to the meeting without any other action is needed (like credential, meeting password etc).
    If possible the embedded element will be available for full screen, pop-out - place it whenever he likes in the page by dragging it or static on the page.
  4. The user must be able to interact with the Meeting like enabling his microphone to speak, chat etc.
  5. If possible, the embedded meeting will have a custom UI , so that specific Zoom Meeting actions will be available but also custom buttons, sections, actions and notifications (will handle outside of Zooms functionality) will be added to the client among with custom Visual Design (design customization isn’t mandatory, just a plus feature).
    The meeting must be private and participation will be available only through the Web App or with verification of email and Meeting Password via a pre-meeting participants list.

The existing Web Application is written in C# using .NET Framework and Web Forms.
Are any of the features I’m trying to implement possible through a Zoom SDK and if so which is it? Also could anyone provide some guidance on what should I implement for this to work (I’ve already seen the sample-web-app but couldn’t figure out what I’m supposed to do).

Thanks in advance,

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