Zoom Error: Invalid access token, does not contain scopes?

Im trying to integrate Zoom on a Wordpress website. Upon creating zoom meeting it gives me an Invalid Access token error.

When I checked my Market place account, my Meeting SDK App is still in draft as it is yet not authorized

the error is

You are missing the following information:

  • [1. Technical Design - Missing required fields]

Submit for review

Once you submit your app, Zoom will conduct a [functional and security review of your app ]. On a successful review, your app will be published to the Zoom App Marketplace.

You are missing the following information:

  • [1. App icon]
  • [2. App long description]
  • [3. App preview content]
  • [4. App category]
  • [5. App Industry Vertical]
  • [6. App Market Segment])
  • [7. App Line of Business]
  • [8. Privacy policy URL (Links)]
  • [9. Terms of use URL (Links)]
  • [10. Support URL (Links)]
  • [11. Documentation URL (Links)]
  • [12. Direct landing URL (Adding your app…)]
  • [13. Endpoint URL (Deauthorization notification)]
  • [14. Technical Design - Missing required fields]

Please help

Hi @3amiglobal
Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to our community!
This error you are getting is expected if you are trying to publish your app in the Marketplace.
So, my question is, are you trying to embed Zoom into your website or are you just trying to make API calls to our REST API