Zoom Events API

Zoom Events is very suitable for us. But it’s very important for us to use Zoom Events API.
We are looking into the Zoom Events API in detail. This is a very important way for us to use and integrate in our APP logic.

During this, I had a few more important questions:

  1. There is no way to manipulate Speakers through the API. Although this option is needed when creating a Session:
"session_speakers": [
      "speaker_id": "4uzfv3JwTeyR5QpC3PXwMg",
      "access_to_edit_session": true,
      "show_in_session_detail": true,
      "has_alternative_host_permission": true

From here we see that it is necessary to pass the speaker_id, which we cannot create and get through the API.

  1. There is no way to manipulate Ticket types. This is also an important point, since we can restrict access to certain sessions for different participants by using the Ticket type.

Please help find solutions for this problem.

I’m checking with our team to see what the best way to obtain a speaker_id

Just to be clear, you are looking for CRUD APIs for Ticket Types?

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