Zoom Events not creating new lead record

We recently installed the Zoom for Salesforce lightning app, and we meet all the prerequisites for configuring Zoom Events with Salesforce.

After we create a Zoom event, and test registration, all the Zoom objects for event & registrant passes over to Salesforce. However, this is still not creating a new lead record.

We’ve created a Zoom support ticket and there hasn’t been any progress in the last 20 days. I’m hoping someone in here has solved this recent issue with new leads not being created.

Salesforce Zoom App: Current Settings

  • Zoom Event Settings: All items checked
  • Zoom User Settings: Webinar/Events: User with Unlimited session is authorized
  • Zoom Events Fields Mapping Config: I’ve tried both Campaigns & Leads

I’ve made a short video walkthrough of this whole process and issue.

Zoom Events Fields Mapping Config


Unfortunately we. do not provide App specific support you will have to contact our support team for help with this particular situation.

Regards, Kwaku