Zoom feedback API - no participant mail address in the response


I need help in finding an effective and fool proof way to find the participant’s mail address using participant’s name

Using below API , i am fetching the feedback of the users exp in zoom meetings. the critical information that i see missing here in the API response is participant mail address. while i am asking zoom support to make the API enhancement to add participant mail id in the response, i want your help to know an effective way to find a participant mail address using participant’s name . Also, want to know if this the correct forum to request for API enhancement (response to be enhanced to have participant mail address) ?

for example, if below is the participant name

‘participant_name’: ‘Inti Ramos’

what is the participant’s mail id and how can i fetch it using existing API?
Also is there a way to fetch the participants mail address in bulk using single API. if the input has say 10 different participant names… then single API call to fetch the mail address of all the participant names in the input?

API being used :

Meetings Client Feedback Detail API
GET /v2/metrics/client/feedback/{feedbackId}

{‘from’: ‘2019-01-20’, ‘to’: ‘2019-01-21’, ‘page_size’: 300, ‘next_page_token’: ‘’, ‘client_feedback_details’: [{‘participant_name’: ‘Inti Ramos’, ‘meeting_id’: ‘416151466’, ‘time’: ‘2019-01-21T03:48:57Z’}, {‘participant_name’: ‘Suresh Bose’, ‘meeting_id’: ‘132133336’, ‘time’: ‘2019-01-21T04:54:06Z’}, {‘participant_name’: ‘Surya Erlapati’, ‘meeting_id’: ‘749461811’, ‘time’: ‘2019-01-21T05:23:14Z’}, {‘participant_name’: ‘Pranaya Sagar Adati’, ‘meeting_id’: ‘863500082’, ‘time’: ‘2019-01-21T07:20:49Z’}, {‘participant_name’: ‘Leonid Suslov’, ‘meeting_id’: ‘559035948’, ‘time’: ‘2019-01-21T15:35:55Z’}, {‘participant_name’: ‘Bianca Vaccarini’, ‘meeting_id’: ‘766192187’, ‘time’: ‘2019-01-21T16:50:27Z’}, {‘participant_name’: ‘Eric Simon’, ‘meeting_id’: ‘979339396’, ‘time’: ‘2019-01-21T17:34:58Z’}, {‘participant_name’: ‘Nick Fabbri’, ‘meeting_id’: ‘528458161’, ‘time’: ‘2019-01-21T17:35:04Z’}, {‘participant_name’: ‘Prasad Kunigiri’, ‘meeting_id’: ‘5103660581’, ‘time’: ‘2019-01-21T18:07:47Z’}, {‘participant_name’: ‘Jennifer Holland’, ‘meeting_id’: ‘207461996’, ‘time’: ‘2019-01-21T18:09:28Z’}, {‘participant_name’: ‘Shruthi Cherian’, ‘meeting_id’: ‘238911697’, ‘time’: ‘2019-01-21T19:40:21Z’}, {‘participant_name’: ‘Marie Green’, ‘meeting_id’: ‘823118464’, ‘time’: ‘2019-01-21T20:46:06Z’}]}


Hi @Dilip_Reddy_Guda,

Right now there is no fool proof way to find the mail address using the participants name. As the name could be the same within multiple users within Zoom. The current workaround would be to tell the participants to leave their email as the feedback name instead of their name.

Either this or https://devforum.zoom.us/c/new-developer-feature-enhancement-requests are the correct channels to request an enhancement for the APIs.



Thanks Michael_Purnell

As per the suggestion , i have logged an API enhancement request to add participant’s mail address in the API reponse.