Zoom firefox (89.0.2 (64-bit)) crash

when calling ZoomMtg.init im getting the exception and the page crashes
Unhandled Rejection (TypeError): ‘microphone’ (value of ‘name’ member of PermissionDescriptor) is not a valid value for enumeration PermissionName.

Which Web Client SDK version?


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  • Browser: firefox
  • (89.0.2 (64-bit))

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Hey @dfamr,

Thanks for reaching out about this—can you confirm that both your machine/OS and your browser have granted permission for the Web SDK to access your audio/mic?

if you mean the pop up that ask permission to access the camera/mic the crash happen before the pop up appears.
if there is other way of granting access (via code reactjs or something) i’ll appreciate posting it

Hey @dfamr,

Thanks for confirming. Can you show how you are calling ZoomMtg.init? Are you disabling the preview?


no ive not, this is cause by a exception rise in the call to

navigator.permissions.query({ name: 'camera' })
// TypeError: 'name' member of PermissionDescriptor 'camera' is not a valid value for enumeration PermissionName.
navigator.permissions.query({ name: 'microphone' })

Hey @dfamr,

Thanks for confirming, this looks like something I’ve reported before but I’m still looking for that issue. Just to confirm, does this only happen in Firefox?


Yes. Do you expect to fix this soon