Not support start meeting via tokens

Can someone explain exactly what this means or where I can find documentation for the errors and error codes returned by the Web Meeting SDK Client View?

When Joining Meeting:

  "method": "join",
  "status": false,
  "result": "Not support start meeting via tokens",
  "errorMessage": "Token error",
  "errorCode": 3265

I’m only getting it when trying to put my app in our staging server, when testing locally everything is fine, so I’m trying to track down exactly what the problem is but since Zoom notoriously provides vague and/or generic error messages this is a challenge.

Just to make sure that I understand, are you starting a meeting with a ZAK token?

If so, how are you retrieving the token? If you are using the Get a User’s Token API please make sure that you are setting the type query parameter to “zak”

Let me know if that helps.

So is this an error related to the ZAK token? Not the signature token or some other token? I just wish Zoom devs would spend the 10 extra seconds to write a few extra words in an error message so that it describes the exact problem.

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