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I am trying to configure the Zoom for Salesforce app in order to import a participant list and match to existing Contacts in Salesforce. Based on documentation it seems the “External Zoom Meetings” feature is intended for this use, as “external meeting” seems to be defined as any meeting not scheduled from within Salesforce (please correct me if I’m wrong on this?). I have scheduled the ExternalZoomMeetingAutoBatch batch job hourly to retrieve the external meetings in my sandbox, but am having several issues/questions.

1). Please clarify which events this job is intended to retrieve. Is it supposed to be retrieving ALL events in my organization’s zoom account? That would seem unnecessarily large given that it’s just about 10 of my users that need to retrieve details of specific meetings they are holding.

  1. The job appears to be loading data into the object zoom_app__Zoom_Event__c, but then deleting it. I have hundreds of records in the Recycle Bin but none in an undeleted state. Is this expected behavior?

  2. I manually restored some of the records in my Recycle Bin in order to inspect them. They are very generic in nature as you can see from the screenshot below and do not reference any specific meeting (,e.g. Name is "Zoom-Event-#### for all of them, topic = init, no meeting ID, etc). Is this expected behavior?

  3. The FAQ documentation states:
    Q. What is the requirement/conditions to sync a external zoom meeting to Salesforce?*
    A : The zoom meeting host should match with owner of any contact or lead. Then events will be created automatically. If this is not matched, such meetings will be shown on External Zoom meetings page, of respective users.
    In our case the person hosting the meeting is not necessarily the Owner of the Contact, however they do have access to read/write all Contact records. Am I dead in the water? I am not sure why record ownership would be a requirement.

  4. The matching criteria of EXACT NAME seems super restrictive and likely to fail in many cases (e.g. Salesforce Contact Michael Smith uses Zoom name Mike Smith). Perhaps a feature requests here, but can we get it to match on email, or even better, some user-defined criteria?

It’s entirely possible I am misunderstanding the use case for the External Zoom Meetings feature of the Salesforce app given the sparse documentation, and it’s not intended to do what I need. In that case, are there other recommendations for integrating a meeting participant list into Salesforce? These are in fact meetings, not webinars, and each meeting has about 150 participants. We are holding these meetings weekly, and I’m trying to avoid performing weekly Salesforce data loads.


Hi @schale,

Thank you for reaching out about this—I’m working on getting these questions answered for you, and I’ll follow up with you here as soon as I have confirmation on these points. (ZOOM-204500)

Thanks, and I’ll be in touch!


Can we sync Zoom Meeting Registrants and Attendees to Salesforce?

Hey @webteam,

Depending on your Zoom plan, certain participant details will be included along with meeting details. I do not believe this includes registrants, however.


Hi @schale,

I was able to hear back from my team, and they were able to clarify the following.

When a sync job is run to bring external Zoom Meetings into Salesforce, this backend job creates events in salesforce automatically for any meetings that are started from Zoom.us, under this criteria: the contact/lead names match in Salesforce , the contact/lead owner email is the same as the Zoom Meeting Host email, and the Meeting Host email matches that of the logged in Salesforce user.

Regarding questions 2 and 3: We use Event and zoom_app__Zoom_Event__C object to save meeting information.

The records you see in your recycle bin is expected behavior. (This is a result of the way the integration gets the record ID.) When the integration’s sync job runs to get external meetings, it will generate some temporary data. It will be updated if it conforms to certain rules, otherwise it will be deleted by the job at the end.

In regards to questions 4 and 5, please see the first paragraph. This is an exact match.

I hope this information is helpful.


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