Integration with Salesforce. Sync Zoom Meeting details: “Please try again”


I am using the package from Appexchange to integrate with Salesforce. When I create an event to schedule a zoom meeting, there is an action called: Sync Zoom Meeting details

What is the purpose of the Sync Zoom Meeting details action?

I tried to find this information on the documentation but I didn’t find anything related to this. I will try to use it and an error message is displayed:

Sync Zoom Meeting details: “Please try again”


Hi @MEF,

It sounds like you might be referring to this functionality, for syncing meeting details to Salesforce, for meetings which were initially created outside of Salesforce—is that right?

If so, the purpose is to be able to import meeting details/have parity between your Zoom/Salesforce accounts for meetings that may not have been originally generated via Salesforce.

Have you completed the steps outlined in the above docs?

Let me know!

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