Create Salesforce Meetings from Zoom Events, and Sync to Contact from Email Address?

Hi, I’ve been trying to get the Zoom integration for Salesforce up and running but it’s not working as we want it to. What I want to achieve is to be able to get a participant’s email and use that to get the appropriate contact in Salesforce with that email address, and then associate the contact to that Salesforce event.

Anybody have any ideas? I was trying to use the Webhook app, but doesn’t look like email is an option for participants … ?

Are there other authentication types that might send the participant’s email address out in a message, or can anyone point me in a direction to research that ?

Hey @jgradman, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

After your meeting or webinar has completed, you can call our reports endpoint to get participant details including the email.

Let me know if this helps! :slight_smile: