Zoom for SalesForce

We have installed [Zoom for salesforce] from AppExchange.
I want to use the action “zoom” on the contact details page, but I get a “Connection refused” message.

I got an error massage in the F12 developer tools.(Classic and Lightning)
In another article, there was a description that “zoom cannot be used in iframe”, but [zoom for salesforce] seems to use iframe.

Is the action “zoom” not available?

Refused to display’https://www.zoom.us/salesforce?***’ in a frame because it set’X-Frame-Options’ to’same origin’.

Screenshots (If applicable)

Hi @ch-nakamura,

Thanks for reaching out about this. Generally speaking,you’re correct in that we do not recommend embedding any Zoom resources in an iFrame, which is likely where this issue is stemming from.

However, I found this Salesforce forum resource that I think could be helpful for you:

I hope this helps—let me know if you continue to have issues, though!


Hi @will.zoom

Thank you for your reply.

I tried “Ignore X-Frame headers” and the action worked fine.

Thank you for your information.

Hi @ch-nakamura,

I’m happy to hear it!


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