Salesforce integration. Start Webinar from Salesforce. Iframe error

I am using the integration with salesforce (from Appexchange). I created a webinar and I want to start the webinar from Salesforce.

“Start Webinar” is not working. See image. This problem is the same that “Start Zoom Meeting” action had. It is related to embed the the zoom web client into an iframe. Zoom doesn’t support it.

My questions are:
1- is there another way of starting the webinar from Salesforce?

2- Are you planning fix it providing a workaround? For example, currently “Start Zoom Meeting” action is working because a new tab is opened automatically.


Hi @MEF,

Thank you for raising this with us—I do believe you’re correct that this is an issue due to iFraming of the webinar, which we don’t support for security reasons.

Having said that, can you confirm if you’re in classic mode or lightening mode for Salesforce? Additionally, do you see a global(quick) action button that starts zoom the webinar in a new tab/page? I believe the custom/iframed option should have been removed in a previous release, but this will help to confirm.

Let me know when you have a chance—thanks!

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