Zoom integration. Calling issue. Chrome on PC to Safari on iPhone11. (Web Meeting SDK 2.11.0)

We are working on a patient portal (link below) with one flow including embedded Zoom meeting via web browsers.
Internal test site of patient portal: https://medfit.uat.strikersoft.dev/

We have upgraded the Meeting SDK to version 2.11.0 and have tested with an eHealth online meeting with:

  • Doctor (uses Win 10 Home/ Chrome, Version 112.0.5615.87 64-bit), authenticated in our SwipeCare application caregiver portal with his Swedish health identification card and NetID Access service.

Doctor initiates online meeting with:

  • Patient using iPhone 11/Safari 16.3.1, 2FA authentication in our SwipeCare application patient portal via Swedish national BankID service.

Both on same WI-FI with excellent connection and bandwidth.

1st attempt:
Slow to initiate a call on Doctor’s side, the meeting finally initiates, asks for camera and microphone via PC.
Then patient screen goes white and zoom tries and fails to restart the meeting.
Comment: iPhone was kept in portrait mode all the time.

2nd attempt:
Slow to initiate a call on Doctor’s side.
Patient video went black after patient navigated to iPhone settings and returned to the meeting. No response on Patient’s side.
Then I rotated the device from portrait to landscape and back again a couple of times. This caused the zoom meeting to restart.

@sara.bern ,

I would be easier to troubleshoot if there was developer console screenshot from the browser attached

Hi Chun,
I can understand that.
My colleague will try to recreate the testcase with the developer console tomorrow on his mac.

Here you have a testcase repeated on:

Doctor (uses Win 10 Home/ Chrome, Version 112.0.5615.87 64-bit) calls to

Patient (iPhone 12/Safari 16.3.1).

Unable to start and then an error message. It asks multiple times for joining meeting and then error message.

Will test more tomorrow.

Best regards, Sara

(Attachment RPReplay_Final1681921705.MP4 is missing)

Here are error logs for this failed test case:

Sorry for delay:
Unnecessary difficult to upload error results and logs when you do not support .txt, nor .mp4 formats. Perhaps I will find a more efficient way somewhere.

Hi @sara.bern ,

It seems like the user did not allow or approve the web site to access their camera

It might be good if this could be expanded for the specific error.

One way to test it out, is to reset the camera / microphone permission on iphone safari, and try it again.

Hi Chun,
The Camera settings on this iPhone are as I understand the the default settings:
"Camera across all websites: “Ask” is checked. (not Deny or Allow)

However, our application is used towards all possible users in the public domain. We cannot have an application that crashes on default settings.

When I now changed settings on iPhone to Allow camera across all websites: I get a variety of test results:
First black screen, followed by crash.
Second time: Doctor on PC saw patient for a little while, before crash.

Will have my developer test use developer console and give you log results.

Here we have some more testcases on my iPhone 12, iOS 16.3.1 towards DR on Chrome (latest build):
Camera and Microphone - Everything allowed:

Camera and Microphone - Ask:
One failed test case:

And one successful:

We also do note that the iPhone participant looks stretched on the Chrome participants screen, for the iPhone in portrait orientation.
When iPhone is in landscape orientation, the proportions looks good.
I am not sure if you will see that on these test logs, though.

on latest Zoom Web meeting SDK (ver 2.11.5), after we have applied Zoom developer forum ideas we have for calls from desktop, Chrome, Version 112.0.5615.138 (Official Build) (64-bit) to iphone 12 (iOS 16.4.1).

Both on same WIFI, excellent bandwidth:

  • No reproducable crashes :slight_smile:
  • Resolution (send/receive): 320180/ 640360
  • Jitter: 2-3 ms
  • Latency: 28/26 ms

The iPhone user becomes stretched if he holds the iPhone in portrait at first.
If he turns to landscape mode, the stretching disappears.
After switching the orientation back to portrait, the image remains proportionate.

The image is unfortunately too blurry to use efficiently in healthcare assessments. Works for talk meetings.

Hi @sara.bern any luck on this, we are facing same issues on iPhone devices browsers

same issue here… :frowning: :frowning: i guess its something to do with permissions…

my scenario… on Android / Chrome,

I get the 1st pop up Join Audio by Computer - Click it
Then “cant hear anything” … audio icon… yellow…
Then wait about 15 seconds… then the next button pops up… Join Audio by Computer
your browser is preventing access… - Click it…
Then again… wait… wait… then works… … very intermittent… then it works… then it does not…
Somewhere its not working well with the permissions in chrome… because even if the Microphone is disabled… i still want to hear the “host”

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