Zoom iOS & Android Safe Driving Mode Issue


I have integrated Zoom SDK on iOS and Android in my app, and I stream using the desktop client.

From my testing on a live webinar with 150+ participants, I noticed that ‘Safe Driving mode’ was activated in the webinar and I have no clue how this has happened in the SDK.

I tried checking the Zoom settings in my account on the web but saw no option of ‘Safe Driving mode’.

Help would be appreciated here please to resolve this.


Hi @kaitlynnst, thanks for using the dev forum.

This mode is actually something that can be configured only through your SDK implementation. In order to disable this in your app, you would need to set a property when joining the meeting.

For Android:
When joining or starting the meeting, set no_driving_mode on your MeetingOptions object to true.

For iOS:
Call into disableDriveMode after initializing the meeting.


Hi @jon.lieblich, thanks for getting back, will try this out.

Does this solution also work for webinars as well?

Hey @kaitlynnst,

Jon is out currently, so I will be taking this one over.
Yes this will work the same way for webinars as well.