Zoom iOS SDK support on NativeScript waiting HUD issue

Hello we are integrating the iOS SDK with nativescript App. The Joining of Webinar works fine, but the waiting HUD doesn’t show up. Due to which if the participant joins the webinar before it has started gets 152 error code. Which as you know messes up the whole experience.
How do I show the waiting HUD and a loader which is there on your sample Zoom app?
Please help asap. Knowing what actions are perform after Join Meeting will also help.

We have also integrated the Android SDK which is working fine since over a year.

Hi sanket,

Thanks for the post. Our SDK has not been tested with NativeScript. The error code 152 on iOS SDK means “The user is already in another ongoing meeting”. Normally you don’t need to implement the HUD by yourself (If you are using the default Zoom UI), but if you would like to, you can refer to the implementation here:https://github.com/zoom/zoom-sdk-ios/blob/bede2275df02a062e034eacd220f24e0d4e44e5d/MobileRTCSample/MobileRTCSample/MainViewController.m#L73

Hope this helps. Thanks!