Zoom is not presenting meeting over controller

Hi @Michael_Condon , thanks for replying,

Yes, I´m using scene delegate.


Hey @Sergio18,

SceneDelegates are not supported by the SDK. You must disable them for the SDK’s UI to be have properly.


Facing a similar problem with Android SDK. When I start or join a meeting, it works and notification pops-up notifying about the meeting started, and shows meeting in progress. By other device, if I join the meeting, I can see the video and hear the audio of the device which started the meeting but in host device, nothing comes on the screen. Just the notification. Closing the app closes the meeting. Where does it join the meeting? Was working well, I updated the code from your sample SDK.

Hi @Cyndi,

Can you please confirm whether or not you have custom UI enabled in your app?


It was related to Custom UI, I’ve fixed it, I missed the config.xml file because of which the issue was there. Apart from this, in the latest SDK’s example, neither video renders on the surfaceview nor the mini window works. Tried and Tested with original SDK, meeting works fine, can see in other devices.

Hi @Cyndi,

That’s great that you managed to fix it!

Regarding the issue with video rendering, are you seeing any error messages when this occurs? What was the version you were using before it stopped working?


Hey @Michael_Condon I’m using ZoomSDK iOS in nativescript and facing the same issue.
there is no scene Delegate files in my project and I also added UIWindow in appDelegate.
I also tried the above instructions still Leave button is not working.
ZoomSDK version -
iOS - 14.5
xcode - 12.5.1
device - simulator/ iPhone 7

Hey @tushar.kalsara,

Can you open up a new topic for this issue so that I can better assist you?


created new topic


Awesome, thank you! Will follow up with you there.