Zoom JWT to OAuth StoS App migration for TimeTrade

Hi Team,
Hope you are well.

Based on Zoom’s advise that JWT apps will be end-of-life from 1 Sept, 2023,
We are working to migrate TimeTrade app from JWT to OAuth Server-to-Server (StoS).
In doing so, we have run into some issues that we’re hoping you can help with –

TimeTrade is an online appointment scheduling tool that integrates with Zoom to create Zoom meetings.

  1. We have created an OAuth StoS in the Zoom Test environment. Scopes User and Meeting have been granted to this App.
  2. The Client ID, Client Secret details of this App have been keyed into TimeTrade Staging environment.
  3. However, an error has come up as follows –

Further, TimeTrade has dumped the Client ID, Client Secret details.

Based on this forum post,

Invalid Redirect URL (4,700) on valid redirect url - API and Webhooks - Zoom Developer Forum
Zoom’s engineers have rectified this for others.

Hoping if you could help understand whats causing this error and how this can be rectified.

Hi @UniMel

Are you using the s2s App? If yes, you dont need a redirect URL.

That said, it seems you are using a user authorized OAuth app. Can you make sure that you add that URL in the allow list section of your app?