Zoom link with encrypted password embedded showing password prompt randomly

We have zoom link with encrypted password embedded. We have uname attached to link as well.
It used to randomly ask for password (show password prompt).
But now from past few days, we have not seen password prompt.
We are confused as in when is password prompt shown? Why hasn’t it been showing up from past few days?

Has there been changes made? If yes, where can I find the detailed information?

Hey @umesh,

If the password is included in the join link, the user should not be prompted to enter their credentials. Is this for the Zoom Client? Do you happen to have an example?

Let me know,

Recently we are not seeing any password prompt. Its with zoom client. I will let know if inconsistency occur again.

Thanks @umesh!

Please keep us updated, and if you can, provide us with a screenshot.


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