ZOOM Live Video screen is flickering

I integrated ZOOM SDK on Android. while Live then Video screen is flickering in sometime.

Which Android Meeting SDK version?

Smartphone (please complete the following information):

  • Device: All Devices having issue
  • OS: Android 11, 12

Hi @synthesizenetworks, thanks for using our SDK.

Can you please confirm whether you are using the default meeting UI or have implemented a custom meeting UI? Also, is it your own video preview that is flickering, or the video of another user in the meeting?


Hi Jon, Thanks for replying.

In response to your questions:
(1) We implemented a custom meeting UI.
(2) Another user’s video is flickering.


Hi @synthesizenetworks,

Thanks for confirming. I have not been able to reproduce the behavior you are describing with a custom meeting UI. How frequently are you seeing the video flicker, and are you able to reproduce this issue in the SDK sample app?


There are no steps to reproduce. This flickering issue is coming frequently.

Hi @synthesizenetworks,

Can you please provide an objective measure of how often “frequently” means (e.g. multiple times a second, every few minutes, etc.)?

Also, I was not looking for steps to reproduce, but rather asking if you are able to reproduce this issue using the SDK sample app instead of your own app. This helps us narrow down the root cause considerably, so please let me know once you are able to confirm.


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