Zoom Login Authentication returning error 407

Hi, I am using the SDK in our app and I have a problem logging in free-tier accounts just today.

Authentication of the SDK account (using appKey and secretKey) is a success but then after trying to log in a free account in my login page (using loginWithZoom), I can’t seem to continue. onZoomSDKLoginResult always return an error 407 result. There seems to be no problem when logging in a licensed account.

Thank you.


Hi @joseph.m, can you share the client version this error code is returned on? Is the SDK key you are using associated with the developer account you used to log in to this forum? Please DM me to verify an SDK key if not.

Hi @joseph.m, we recommend upgrading your application to Android/iOS versions 5.4+ as soon as possible. I believe this should resolve your issue. If there’s anything we can help with in this process please let us know.

Yes. The SDK key we are using is created by this zoom developer account. Where can I message you with the SDK key? I can’t find any options here for private messages.

We were using a much lower version. Is there any workaround we can do on our side? As far as we know, the minimum version enforcement were due on Nov 2022 so we haven’t made any changes yet. Thank you.

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When feasible, please check your private messages.

Hi @donte.zoom i’m also getting the same issue plz guide me regarding this

Happy to help, @taimoor ! Which SDK version are you running ?

@donte.zoom I’m using version:

Hello @donte.zoom
I have the exact same problem with an Android app running an old version of the Zoom SDK (5.0.24433.0616). Unfortunately, I’m not yeet ready to upgrade the Zoom SDK 5.9/5.10 because I still need the loginWithZoom API until end of August.
What would be the solution for me ?


Welcome @dfages ,

We recommend upgrading your application to Android/iOS versions 5.4+. I can share with you the Zoom SDK 5.4. , could you share your email address?

Here it is : [Redacted]

@taimoor ,
What user type are you seeing this behavior with?

Hi, I am using the SDK in our application and after login in authentication I am getting 407 error. It was working fine previously but since last week I am getting problem in authentication. My SDK version is 5.7.6.

Can you please guide me for this?

i was using loginWithZoom before but now i can’t after updating to 5.9

@taimoor, @sagesurfertest18

Can you share a screenshot of the code handling login?

@sagesurfertest18, @taimoor ,

Following up, can you provide a code snippet showing how you are handling login along the SDK logs?

Hi @donte.zoom ,

Can you please provide an email address so that I can message you the SDK key? I can’t seem to find private message here in dev forum or I don’t have access in it. Thank you.

@donte.zoom thanks for your reply.
I am sharing the code snippet.

This is login for zoom -

This is ZoomSDKAuthenticationListener details.

looking forward for your response.

Thank you

Hello Donte,

Thanks for your quick reply.I am sharing the code snippet as you have suggested. Please find the attachment.

thanks and regards,

Rahul Maske