Zoom Login Authentication returning error 407

Please share more details regarding the error you are seeing. If you can share a screenshot or video reproducing the issue that will diagnose what may be happening.

Hi @donte.zoom ,

If we don’t want to make our app available publicly in Zoom marketplace because our application is only using zoom for conference call (value added service), is there any other way for me to get ZAK token for Non-license user? Currently I can get ZAK for licensed users only.

Thank you.


Can you share the result of your ZAK request or the behavior you are seeing for non-licensed users ?

Hi @donte.zoom ,

Here is a sample request.

Here is what shows.

Hi @donte.zoom ,

I would like to follow up on this. Thank you.

Hi @donte.zoom ,

We also have a new problem using URL scheme in iOS and shows that the redirect URI is invalid. It was working before using this URL scheme sfezoom://.

Here’s how we do it and the response.

Hi @donte.zoom ,

Following up with my inquiries.

Thank you!