zoom-macsdk-electron issues


hi team:
electron . works well
when i packaged 
it throwed error 

ENOENT: no such file or directory, stat ‘/Users/myName/Documents/project/desktop/demo/node_modules/ZoomSDK/ZoomSDKChatUI.framework/Modules’

and another question,init config langid ditnot work ! 


Hi UMU Team,

I will send you a test package to solve this issue.



the test package has the same problem
no such file or directory, /Users/myName/Documents/project/desktop/demo/node_modules/ZoomSDK/curl64.framework/Modules/Modules’

and langid no useful
how can i change the language @zoom

my emali duanjun@umu.com


Hi UMU Team,

For Mac Electron SDK, we didn’t provide localization.



After creating empty directory of Modules in both ZoomSDK/curl64.framework/Versions/Current/ and ZoomSDK/ZoomSDKChatUI.framework/Versions/Current/ , I could package the app, so I would like to share it.

I’m stacking other issues now, so I will open another ticket.