Zoom meeting Admit registrant in the room

I wast stumbling on creating a meeting where the participants are required to get approved first before entering the meeting i see the API offers a update registrant status however when the registrant is approved he/she is not admitted to the room

“action”: “approve”,
“registrants”: [
“id”: “123”,
“email”: “myemail@gmail.com

is there a way where I can admit the approved registrant in the room automatically?


Hey @it11, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

I think you are talking about two different things.

The screenshot you shared is the Zoom Waiting Room Feature. If you want the participants to join automatically, then turn that setting off.

Let me know if that helps!


Hi @tommy is there an API function where I can approve them base on my list of email ?

I want to verify from the list of my contacts/verified contacts before I admit them in the room to avoid unwanted visitors

Hey @it11,

Currently we do not have waiting room API endpoints.

Here are all the ways you can keep out unwanted visitors: