Zoom Rooms, API control for Waiting Room

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

Currently there are no API controls for the waiting room. This requires a manual process of clicking around within the app

Describe the solution you’d like

Would be super awesome if we could control the waiting room from the API. Ideally we would be able to issue commands for “Admit All” and “Enable/Disable waiting room”. We are using Zoom in a broadcast environment and it is not practical for us to manually manage this


It will add new layer of user/meeting management, If we can
-admit user(s) from waiting room to Zoom meeting using API instead of clicking button from the app

We can programmatically admit or reject based on user screen name, email and so on.

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Would be very helpful to have these possibilities, as it would also enable remote controlled admits for Meetings, which are connected to a Projector.

i would also like the feature even better would be if it was integrated into the ZR-CSAPI