Zoom meeting API start url expire date

I am using meeting API to create meeting with type = 2 (scheduled meeting) and get a start URL.

Some documents say that this URL will be expired after 30 days, so I have several questions.

  1. Is the information that the URL is expired after 30 days is correct?
  2. If so, how does it been calculated? For example, I call create meeting API in 2024-07-15 and the meeting schedule is 2024-07-30, when will it be expired? 2024-08-14 or 2024-08-29?
  3. If I use that start URL in 2024-07-30 and then reuse it at 2024-08-10, will the expire date be changed?

Thank you for any information.

Hi @letuan1999v5 , please see here for supported guidance about the start_url: Zoom Meeting API

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