Automatically join waiting guests when host starts meeting

Is there an option to automatically join waiting guests when host starts meeting, like it’s done in Zoom desktop app?

Currently in @zoomus/websdk version 2.1.1, the guest sits on “Meeting has not started” screen and nothing happens when the host later starts this meeting.

Further to _maksym’s comment above, in version 2.3.0, when the host starts the meeting the waiting room button changes from ‘Waiting…’ to ‘joining’ (photos added below).

However, the participant doesn’t automatically join the meeting. The participant only gets added to the meeting when they click the ‘joining’ button.

Could the ‘joining’ button be changed to ‘Click here to Join’ so that the user experience is smoother? Or better yet, as _maksym suggested, automatically add the participant to the call once the host starts?

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