Zoom Meeting for Salesforce Lightning Repeat Issue

I’ve recently installed the Zoom for Salesforce Lightning integration and encountered an issue. When scheduling an event from Salesforce and selecting “Schedule a Zoom Meeting,” multiple Zoom meetings are immediately created. Although I’ve set the meetings to occur once a day for 10 days, they’re generated all at once instead of forming a single recurring meeting series. Furthermore, immediate email notifications are sent out for each meeting, overwhelming participants’ inboxes.

I’m seeking guidance on configuration adjustments to ensure only one Zoom meeting is created daily for the specified series. Additionally, I’d like to know how to configure the system to send a consolidated email summarizing the day’s meeting details instead of individual notifications for each meeting. Furthermore, I would appreciate information regarding the daily limit per user for creating meetings from Salesforce.

Any assistance or recommendations on configuring these settings would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Hello @bstoimenov

Thank you for reaching out to the developer forum regarding the issue with the Salesforce Lightning app.

I recommend reviewing the resources from the app’s listing page:


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