Create Salesforce "Zoom Event" from Service Appointment (Lightning Scheduler or Field Service Lightning)

I need the ability to create a Zoom meeting when a Service Appointment is made in Salesforce. Service Appointments are used in the Lightning Scheduler and Field Service Lightning products. Currently, the Zoom App in Salesforce has a “Make it Zoom Meeting” button on the standard Calendar Event object. This button creates a Zoom Event record in Salesforce. This record stores all the information for the API to create and sync a meeting with Zoom. I need a similar button that can be used on the Service Appointment.

Note: I have evaluated the use of Event Management with Lightning Scheduler. When this is enabled Salesforce will create a standard Calendar Event for every Service Appointment. From there a Zoom meeting could be created. This would be cumbersome and add a lot of extra records in the system. The other roadblock is that Salesforce Event Management will not create a Calendar Event for Service Appointments when the Service Resource is an Asset instead of a User. This is one of our primary uses of Service Appointments.

There are a couple of potential solutions:

  1. Zoom Development could provide a button for Service Appointments in Salesforce. This would be very useful for Salesforce users investing in the two primary scheduling products provided by Salesforce, Lighting Scheduler and Field Service Lightning.

  2. Zoom could provide instructions for creating a custom button. The code would be similar to the current “Make it Zoom Meeting” button, but we would need to understand how to pass start time, end time, attendees, owner, etc. to Zoom and the Zoom Event object in Salesforce. It is easy in Salesforce to automate the creation of a Zoom Event (since it is a standard Salesforce object.) Does creating a Zoom Event object trigger the necessary API to connect with Zoom and create a meeting and send back the proper information to the record?

Salesforce Marketplace App being used - App Marketplace

Hey @concentricsresearch , thanks for posting and using Zoom! :slight_smile:

We appreciate this suggest, and have moved this to our feature request category. We will evaluate this feature request and consider adding it to our backlog.


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