Zoom Meeting Host Issue

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I am only able to Create only one host which belongs to developer account.In my project there is coach and learner .If coach joins any meeting he is host of that meeting by default.

But the issue is Only Developer Account is Join as Host.
Using this endpoint

do we have any solution for it to make coach as host bydefault

Hi @net.developer1job,

You can specify the host of the meeting as any user under your account, by passing their email or user ID in the request URL for the Create Meeting API.

Let me know if this helps to clarify,

Thank you @will.zoom for updating me.Can you please tell me While Creating any meeting where can we pass the host email…

This is my code .Can you please check.Where Should I pass the parameter for host email?

Hi @net.developer1job ,

The host email can be passed directly in the request url, in place of me.


Can you please tell how should I write?For example Can you share the screen shot by mentioning the host email?

Hi @net.developer1job,

For your uri variable, this should be zoomapi.url + ‘users/someone@example.com/meetings’ for example.



I am getting User does not esist error while using this email …

I have added the email to the uri

Hey @net.developer1job,

Is that a user that exists under your account? If not, you’ll want to use a published OAuth App to make requests on behalf of that user.

Let me know if that helps.


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