Zoom Meeting SDK fails after migrating to S2S Oauth and upgrading SDK

Zoom SDK 5.12.2

We’ve recently upgraded to Zoom SDK 5.12.2 post migrating to the S2S Oauth.

After upgrading to S2S Oauth our hosts were unable to join the meeting. Post upgrading to Zoom SDK 5.12.2, the meeting terminates immediately when the host attempts to join.

We are making the following SDK API call
meetingService.joinMeetingWithParams(context, params, opts);

We are receiving the following error:
I 10:33:36.769 [0002] onMeetingStatusChanged, meetingStatus=MEETING_STATUS_CONNECTING,errorCode=0, internalErrorCode=0
I 10:33:37.111 [0002] onMeetingStatusChanged, meetingStatus=MEETING_STATUS_DISCONNECTING,errorCode=0, internalErrorCode=0
I 10:33:37.114 [0002] onMeetingStatusChanged, meetingStatus=MEETING_STATUS_FAILED,errorCode=4, internalErrorCode=0

Hey @a.stryker ,

Can you clarify the reason for migrating to the S2S OAuth for Meeting SDK?

Here are the Meeting SDK auth docs which will walk you through a successful setup: Meeting SDK Auth