Zoom meeting SDK v2.11.5 JavaScript - Throwing time out error

Hi, trying to integrate the Zoom meeting SDK (v2.11.5) using Java Script and HTML. Followed the documentation on authenticating using the SDK app but found only the Client credentials (ID and secret) and not the SDK credentials(ID and secret).

But when I try to join an existing meeting, I’m getting the following error:
“Your connection has timed out and you cannot join the meeting. Verify your network connectivity and try again.”

and went through the logs and found exceptions mentioning Video not connected and Audio not connected.

Not sure if this is an issue or a mistake in setting up the code. Any guidance would be helpful as I am unable to find any solution in the documentation.

Thanks for the help in advance.

Hi Praveen,

For newer version of SDK, you will use Client ID in place of SDK Key, and Client Secret in place of SDK Secret.

You will need to generate a JWT token using the Client ID and Client Secret before you can join a meeting.
If you are having issues, are you able to share your generated JWT token here?

Hi Chun Siong,

Thanks for the response.
Here is the JWT and the code sample that we used.


The sample code we used:
leaveUrl: leaveUrl,
screenShare: false,
success: (success) => {
signature: generateSignature(),
sdkKey: clientId,
meetingNumber: meetingNumber,
username: “praveens@vuram.com”,
password: password,
success: (success) => {
error: (error) => {
console.log("Exception at Join: "+error);
error: (error) => {
console.log("Exception at Init: "+error);

your header seems to be missing “typ”: “JWT”

The header contains the alg and typ parameters. But still the time out error is occuring.

@praveens ,

Are you using this sample code?

I used the JWT generation code provided in the documentation and used the component view code to test.
I’m not sure whether the issue is with the generated JWT or the code.

do you have screenshot of the console log?

Yes here are the screenshots.

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