Webhooks callbacks are inconsistent

We have been working on a Zoom application for a while. This application relies heavily on webhook callbacks from Zoom especially meeting and recording callbacks. Everything has been working normal for the past few months but recently I went past my allocation for online recording space. I rectified the situation by buying addition space.

However, since then (or coincidently around the same time) zoom recording callbacks have disappeared. The recording starts, ends, saved in the cloud, we even get email about the recording but no callback. Its as if we haven’t registered for recording callback. Which we obviously have.

No error just no callbacks.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
Webooks callback

Which Endpoint/s?
Recording subscription webhooks.

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Subscribe to recording events.
  2. Go over storage limits on meeting recordings.
  3. Your recording callbacks would be triggered.

This one is even more bizzare. I am getting automated recording as well as webhooks callback if I start the meeting from a different computer.

Same account. No automated recording or webhooks callback from one client, but from a different machine I get both.

Hey @prayag,

Are you using the same endpoint to receive payloads across all webhook subscriptions? Can you confirm that your endpoint is sending back a 200OK response when a webhook is received? (If it doesn’t, Zoom will eventually stop retrying to send payloads).

Let me know,

Hi Will,

Thanks that helped. My code was failing silently and not sending a 200OK response. Zoom kept retrying and then ultimately stopped. The server only responded when it didn’t get an expected Zoom callback.

I am still not sure why only a few clients are recording automatically and others aren’t. Its not an API issues so I am not sure if I should just ask support or would be able to help.


Hey @prayag,

I’m glad to hear that helped to identify the issue.

Regarding the automatic recording occurring for some and not others, this could be a result of user-specific settings on those users/accounts. I recommend reaching out to our Support Team — they should be able to help confirm. :slight_smile:


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