Zoom OAuth Integration

I want to create a zoom meeting link for the users inside my app. Their is the zoom account of the enterprise type. So the flow is everytime the user confirms a particular person that user should be created . and for authentication i have used OAuth with zoom. So in order to get the authenticaion code it is redirecting me to the zoom sigin/signup page initially and its not allowing the users from the other account to sigin except the purchased account credentials. Can i know why i am getting redirected to the sigin/signup page. Should i switch to JWT for meeting creation or OAuth fits my requirement


Thank you for posting in the Developer Forum! Can you share more details about the intended workflow? The first time that you are requesting authorization from a user, the user will be prompted by Zoom to authorize access to your app. This is why the users are being redirected to the Zoom sigin/signup page initially. Once authenticated, you will be able to make requests to create meeting against the Zoom API using the access token. More details on this OAuth flow can be found in our help documentation here :

Let me know if this help to clarify. You may also find these OAuth forum posts helpful as well!