Zoom Phone API Audios endpoint issues

Hello, up until about a month ago I was able to use the following endpoint to create and upload audio assets to another user’s account.

https://api.zoom.us/v2/phone/users/{user_id}/audios &

Now it appears that I can only use my own userid to upload or create audios.

The app was generated using Server-to-Server OAuth with the scope including all items under the Phone API.

This did work before, as I deployed about 60 users using this method, originally using your TTS, and more recently using the batch upload for audio files.

Every time I try to use anybody’s email beside mine it returns a 400 error.

This is the Json I’m passing to the request
“text”: “hello”,
“audio_name”: “hello5.mp3”,
“voice_language”: “en-US”,
“voice_accent”: “Joanna-Female”

What am I doing wrong?

After looking through the error logs further, it appears that I’m really getting a 403 error, saying that I do not have permission. Not sure how to set this up or why it’s letting me submit under my own email address when it’s using server-to-server oauth

Hi @jesse.ser
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum and welcome to our community!
Is my understanding correct that you were able to use a token generated with a Server to Server Oauth app to create and upload audios for other users in your account and now you are getting a 403 error and you can only do that for your own account?

Thanks! That is exactly correct.

Thanks @jesse.ser
I will go ahead and try to replicate this issue on my end and will also follow up with a Private Message