Zoom Phone - Distinguish Outbound Calls Answered By Person vs. Voicemail


We’re trying to track and report on the number of outbound calls answered by a person on the other end. We’re pulling the data via the APIs. Is there a way to distinguish between calls answered by a person and calls that went to voicemail from the data? It seems that calls labeled Call Connected include calls that went to voicemail, which we want to exclude.

Thanks for your help.

Hi @cjw02
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum and welcome to our community!
I am happy to help here!
It looks like in the Get call logs details endpoint, you can get a has_voicemail field back in your response, which will be true or false depending on the fact if the caller left a voicemail or not
Let me know if this helps!

Hi Elisa,

Thanks for getting back to us and for your help. Does the has_voicemail field apply for outbound calls? We want to know if our calls to clients get answered by a person or if our calls went to the client’s voicemail system.

Let me know if that makes or if you have any additional questions.

Hi @cjw02
I am going to perform some testing on my end so I can update you about this.
I am not sure if the has_voicemail applies to outbound calls, I would have to test it on my end.
In the meantime you can try as well and we can both share our findings

Hi! We also have the same issue - we need to understand if outbound call reached voicemail or was answered by person.
Is there any progress on this or any recommendation on API that we can use?

That is a little more complex than it seems. Outbound calls reaching a carrier voicemail are challenging to detect because the call is connected, and they (ZOOM) don’t have control over what the carrier is using.
An outbound call reaching a real person is no different than reaching a voicemail from the Zoom PBX perspective.
We did it using signal analysis and IA to detect the voicemail voices/beeps. It could be better, but it works.