Zoom Phone Integration Using smart embedd


We are using zoom phone as a support system for our business, We went through the documentation and came across Zoom Phone Smart Embed. We followed all the steps as per the document, We are able to embed the phone into our website.

Below is the Iframe used for embedding
<iframe src="https://applications.zoom.us/integration/phone/embeddablephone/home" id="zoom-embeddable-phone-iframe" allow="clipboard-read; clipboard-write https://applications.zoom.us"></iframe>

Phone contents appear in our iframe which is embedded to our website

But Below are the issues we face:
API and events widgets to control the Smart Embed

    type: 'zp-init-config',
    data: {
      enableSavingLog: false,
      enableAutoLog: false,
      enableContactSearching: false,
      enableContactMatching: false,
}, 'https://applications.zoom.us');```

### Click to dial from a third-party app
    type: 'zp-make-call',
    data: {
      number: <phone number>
  callerId: <outgoing caller id, optional field> 
}, 'https://applications.zoom.us');```

**Receive events from Smart Embed**

window.addEventListener('message', (e) => {
  const data = e.data;
  if (data) {
    switch (data.type) { 
      case 'zp-call-ringing-event': // listen to all the event types that you need

We made use of these methods but could not get a response back from the server. It would be very helpful to us if you could share your advice or help us with a sample code for reference. 

Can we superimpose iframe widget with other UI components ? if possible please let us know how we can achieve it.
We are eager to get a solution for the problems above. We can schedule a half an hour call if its required as it is a urgent requirement that affects our support agents